Meet your Master Tailor

Chris Garabedian is more than a tailor and this is more than his vocation ….it's his passion

Garabedian Tailors HistoryThis passion started as he was a young boy assisting his father Charles in the family tailor shop.

Sarkis “Charles” Garabedian became an apprentice to a master tailor in Marseille, France in 1935, at the age of 14. Later in life Charles would move to the US in 1957 and open “Charles Tailor’s” in Troy, NY. 

This is where the journey started for Chris at a very young age growing up in his father’s tailor shop. Being surrounded by the tools of the trade and having a master tailor as his father is where Chris first became interested in the art of tailoring.

At the age of 25 Chris decided to make tailoring his profession and dedicated 12 years to training. Over the course of this training he would apprentice with 3 Master Tailors, but it would still be another 18 years until Chris would earn the title of Master Tailor.

"I love working with people one-on-one and giving them value and service. I think people appreciate that."

This is the tradition, history and lineage that stands behind everything created and tailored by Chris Garabedian.

The custom experience is steeped in tradition. When you commission a custom garment, you can expect an exceptional experience starting with the consultation. During this process, Chris will pay attention to the fine details to craft a style that is as individual as you are.

During this meeting, you will be exposed to unlimited options, you will receive and education on how to master the art of being a well-dressed gentleman. Sit back and relax while you peruse swatches, styles and limitless options that define your signature style.

Not sure what you want? No worries. Chris takes pride in crafting the perfect look based on your fit, personality and the occasion you are dressing for.

Chris Garabedian